Swakopmund, Namibia.


Swakopmund is a coastal city in Namibia, west of the capital, Windhoek.

Established by German colonists in 1892, the city’s colonial landmarks include the Swakopmund Lighthouse and the Mole, an old sea wall.

Next to the lighthouse, the Swakopmund Museum documents Namibian history. Inland, the elegant Swakopmund Railway Station, now a hotel, also dates to the colonial era.

Swakopmund is a little oasis, a German town on the Atlantic Coast with some good restaurants, shops, markets and bars.

 It is located 30 kms north of Walvis Bay and provides a welcome relief from the harsh desert and wilderness environments of the surrounding regions, as it is cooler, and offers modern comforts and facilities, Swakopmund is a popular holiday destination to many Namibians as well.

Swakopmund is a pretty town with some fine German architecture and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Swakopmund is often covered in fog, especially in the evenings and mornings, due to the collision of the cold Benguela current in the Atlantic Ocean and the warm air off the Namib Desert.


1. Welwitchia moon landscape half day tour

We offer a half day tour, which includes some scenery within Swakopmund and taking you to see the Welwitchia Mirabilis plant, it is an ancient plant that lives for thousands of years in the Namib Desert. We also visit the moon landscape outside Swakopmund.

2. Quad biking and sandboarding

Enjoy a 3 hour combo of quad biking and sandboarding in the dunes.