Etosha National Park, Namibia


Etosha National Park is located in Northern Namibia between the Southern Kunene Region and Owamboland. It is one of the largest game reserves in Africa covering an area of 22,750 with a diversity of habitats and an abundance of wildlife. Almost one quarter of the park is taken up by the huge white calcrete Etosha Pan, a saline and acidic depression that does not yield much plant life.

Herds of antelope and ostrich will wander onto the pans to supplement their salt deficiencies.

There are 114 species of mammals in Etosha National Park but no crocodiles, hippo, buffalo or monkeys and 340 bird species of which raptors and ground dwelling birds are of particular interest.

Camps in Etosha National Park

Okaukuejo Camp is the most popular camp in Etosha National Park with a floodlit waterhole that attracts an abundance of game day and night. 

People flock to this site for fantastic views of wildlife. Okaukuejo Camp is 17 kms from Anderson Gate and is the closest camp to Windhoek. 

Accommodation includes self catering chalets which can also be booked on a Bed and Breakfast or Full Board basis and there are campsites too.

Halali Camp is in the middle of Etosha National Park and is 70 kms from Okaukuejo Camp. There is also a floodlit waterholde here but not on a par with the one at Okaukuejo. However there is a more relaxed feel in Halali Camp and it is near some springs and waterholes on the edge of Etosha Pan that attract a lot of game. Accommodation facilities are similar to Okaukuejo Camp.

Namutoni Camp is 70 km east of Halali Camp and is located near Von Lindequist Gate which is the eastern entrance into Etosha National Park.

The accommodation facilities are similar to Okaukuejo Camp but are built into an old German Fort. There is a waterhole in this camp too that can be seen from a viewing deck, as well as from two restaurants and from the walls of the fort.

Onkoshi Camp is located in an exclusive area of the eastern part of Etosha National Park not accessible to self drive guests staying in other camps. 

Accommodation consists of 15 chalets on wooden structures overlooking Etosha Pan. This is more of a luxury camp with a restaurant and swimming pool. Guided morning and afternoon game drives are offered with the added advantage of being in an exclusive area.

Dolomite Camp is also located in an exclusive area but on the western side of Etosha National Park near Galton Gate. 

There are many waterholes in the area that attract game such as rhino, elephant and a variety of antelope as well as predators like lion and leopard. 

Accommodation is in permanent Luxury Tents and facilities and activities are similar to Onkoshi Camp.

Many private Lodges and Camps can be found outside Anderson and Von Lindequist Gates that offer game drives inside Etosha National Park.

Etosha National Park is one of Namibia’s biggest tourist drawcards and is best visited in the dry season between May and November.